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L&L Stone & Tile, LLC was created in 2008 joining the family of L&L Companies, which has been in the construction business since 1949. With an ability to supply and install quality stone, marble, slab and tile using management that has been in the stone industry for decades, and having all the capabilities associated with a third generation company, L&L Stone and Tile is well suited to accommodate all the needs of our clients.

Leonard Saftchick

Executive Vice President

Lenny has been in the tile industry for over 40 years; first as a tile setter, and in 1992 he opened and operated his own Union company. His business evolved into an extensive fabrication shop and his tile installation team grew to over 40.

In 2009 Lenny was recruited by L&L to enhance the existing Stone and Tile business and expand its breadth of operation. Lenny’s experience and reputation helped him develop an experienced force that expanded L&L Stone and Tile into an even greater, formidable business.

Laurence Stepansky

Project Director
With over 20 years of construction and operations management, Laurence brings extreme dedication and highly detail oriented skill set to the table. His strengths in.elude planning, mobilization, site logistics and execution of jobs big and small. Laurence organizes critical path tasks with a balance of manpower to ensure efficiency throughout any project. With clients such as EF Academy, Data Dog, Nikon, Ampersand, WeWorks, SlV, Somerset Partners under his belt, Laurence is a proven driver that delivers client expectations within an allotted schedule; while keeping an organized and safe worksite paramount.

Kathleen McIntyre

Project Manager/Senior Estimator
Along with responsibilities as a Senior Estimator, Kathy analyzes blueprints and assorted documentation to assist in preparing time, cost, materials and labor estimates for our projects. Effectively maintaining quality service by following organization standards, she communicates these ideals to the on site labor force and client representatives. Kathy has been in the industry since 1982.

Ryan Saftchick

Project Engineer
I am third generation and have been working in the tile industry for 15 years which is where I was able to learn and acquire all my experience. I have gained a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the tile industry including learning how to prepare various surfaces, follow blueprints and create decorative wall and floor designs. I have learned to manage and oversee the performance of the field staff for a variety of projects while coordinating the work of different departments involved in each project. I can see through an entire project from start to finish while making sure each project is completed on time in the most cost-effective way.

Sandra Demars

Estimating Department Project Coordinator
With over 20 years of back-office support in construction related industries, Sandy is highly qualified to ‘direct heavy traffic’ in the L&L world. Multitudes of bid requests come across her desk daily and Sandy determines where they should be directed. Both the Paint and Stone-Tile Estimators rely on Sandy to disseminate the bids to their strengths, so that we can produce comprehensive, cost effective quotes to our contractors.

Ross Grutman

Mathew Fuchs

Robert Bertone

Senior Field Supervisor
Robert’s years of experience as a senior level supervisor provides him with the know-how to coordinate and schedule teams of installation mechanics. His ability to monitor the work environment, ensuring safety, quality and timely production has enabled L&L to realize great success. Through Robert’s efforts, most projects realize completion on time and many, under budget.

Howard Rothenberg

Howard’s CPA degree and accounting background has provided service to L&L companies for over 20 years. He oversees all accounting divisions and assures all financial issues are handled without reproach.

Yolanda Gallagher

Project Accountant
Yolanda has provided department accounting for the Stone and Tile division for over 9 years. Her responsibilities include all management and accounting for billing, accounts receivables and related documents.

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At L&L Stone & Tile, LLC we are dedicated to our clients and making sure they are fully satisfied with their services.